Patient Testimonials

“I will be forever grateful that I was recommended to Natural Approach and to what I believe to be a direct step on this right path to improve my health and overall physical and mental well-being.  I truly recommend taking the first step, because after one or two treatments the healing ability of Kris Johnston will be apparent.”  Elizabeth L.

“I found Kris Johnston via the internet.  On our first meeting (which I was very nervous), she made me feel at ease.  I really believe that Kris knows me better then I know myself.  When I walk into the office, she is very aware of where the pain is even before I tell her.  Also, her staff is very polite and they always have a smile for you.  I highly recommend Kris Johnston.” Judy B.

“Kris Johnston is so much more than my acupuncturist.  She is the healthcare professional who seeks to understand and address underlying causes instead of merely fixing symptoms.  She assesses me as a person who not only will be healthy in body, but in mind and attitude, too.” Kathleen M.

“From the moment I met Kris, I knew I came to the right person for help.  Her keen sense of diagnosing my problems and quick ability to set a program up for my recovery was something I had not experienced in the past, from other health practitioners.  No matter what physical issues I may be experiencing on a given day, Kris has me diagnosed before I ever get to the treatment table.  Once there, not only do I receive physical relief, I also benefit from  emotional stress release as Kris works her magic.  In the past 2 years, I have yet to leave a session with Kris, feeling much more better.  One of the most interesting parts of being a patient of Kris’s, is her willingness to work with other health and wellness practitioners (PT, OT, Yoga, etc.) in order to help her clients find lasting relief.  Whenever I encounter someone with medical/physical issues, I quickly mention Kris and hand that person Kris’s card.” Manny F.

“Kris has 2 special gifts. The first is she listens.  She has an intuitive ability to understand what you and your body are saying.  The second gift is the ability to heal.  Sometimes one session does it, like the time I ‘did something’ to my knee.  Sometimes regular sessions are needed like my seasonal battle with asthma.  She is a wonderful, caring, skillful person.”  June D.

“I started seeing Kris for pain in my lower back that I had seen Physical Therapists, chiropractors and pain specialists for over the years, along with migraines and depression and stress issues. Within 2 visits, Kris had my lower back feeling so much better that I was able to clean my 2 bathrooms in one day with no pain – something I had been unable to do in over 12 years in spite of other therapies and pain injections I tried.  In spite of my initial reservations, this made me a complete and utter believer in the miracle of acpuncture and even more so – in the miracle of Kris Johnston! She truly has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing what ails me and can tell before I even open my mouth when something is ‘off’ in my body – sometimes before I even know myself!” Sharon P.

“Kris has been my acupuncturist since 2014. Her treatments have been paramount in enhancing my overall health and quality of life tremendously.  Prior to being recommended to Kris by one of her patients, I was taking narcotic pain medications prescribed by an orthopedist and pain specialist for 8 years.  Being in my thirties, I know that I could not continue to just treat my chronic pain cuased by 3 herniated discs.  Before being referred to Kris, I had been treated by another acupuncturist but the results were mediocre.  So I chose to go to her because I heard she was effective.  After a month of being treated by Kris, I was able to come off all prescription pain meds and no longer required the services from my pain management M.D.  Kris has been instrumental in helping me to cope with the anxiety and insomnia caused by a stressful divorce as well as physical conditions and illnesses.  Not only is Kris a truly gifted healer, she is patient, kind and has the ability to sense exactly what treatment my body needs to feel at is optimum.  Kris Johnston is a master at her craft and her expertise as a skilled acupuncturist could not be greater.  Because of Kris, my physical health and emotional well being are better than I ever could have hoped for.”  Elizabeth H.

“Kris Johnston was recommended to me by a friend at work years ago, and I thank my friend every time I see her for it.  Kris’s work as an acupuncturist is exemplary:  She is also one of the kindest and most compassionate people I’ve ever met.  As a massage therapist I sometimes work with people who may need more than massage.  I recommend only the best to my clients when that happens. And Kris Johnston is at the top of my list when I recommend other health care professionals.”  B.T., L.M.T

“I can’t believe how acupuncture has helped me.  From the first visit I experienced relief from my chronic pain.  Each visit brought more relief and healing.  It worked rather quickly on me and I am amazed at that.  After years of medication and visits to different doctors, I am off all pain meds which was my own decision and I am very happy with that decision.  Kris has been wonderful during the process.  Finally someone listened!! I do still get my flare ups, but I can handle them and without medications.  And it is comforting to know that if the pain returns for any reason, relief is only a phone call away!!” Mary F.